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How It Works

With Lufe you can move onto your dream home
while we take care of selling your current home for
top dollar at the right time.

Move First

Don’t let your dream home pass you by. With our Buy and Sell program, you can unlock equity to buy your next home without having to sell first.

Step 1

Schedule a free home

Tell us a bit about your goals and we’ll match you with one of our experienced Home Advisors. They’ll answer any questions while we conduct a home assessment.

Step 2

Buy before you sell

Get up to 90% of your home value upfront to put toward your new home purchase. With your instant equity, you become a non-contingent buyer and can make a strong offer even before we list your home.

Step 3

Sell without the stress

After you move, we’ll handle getting your home list-ready with professional photos, and a 3D tour. When your home sells to a new buyer, you’ll receive the additional proceeds above your instant equity amount.

Buying in a hot market?

You can also use our Cash Buyer partner program to make your offer even stronger. This turns you into an allcash buyer so you can secure the home you love. If you use Cash Buyer your new home can be bought for cash, and after your old home sells, you’ll purchase it back from us interest free.

So how does Lufe make money?

GWe charge a standard 6% fee on the sale of your home, which funds our partner programs. It costs you no more than a traditional sale. And, the higher we sell your home for the more we make so our goals are aligned to get you the best price.

What our clients say …

Uday and Sonal from from Tennessee used Lufe’s buy before you sell program to make a strong, non-contingent offer on a new home and beat out traditional buyers.

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