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Buy your next home before you sell

Start by getting the most accurate, free home valuation in 24 hours

The Right Way to Buy a Home

Lufe makes home buying easy. Never miss out on your next home because you haven’t sold your current one.

Unlock Your Equity

Say goodbye to contingencies and hello to winning offers. we can help you unlock your home value upfront, even before you list. You get to make offers that are as good as cash, then we’ll help you sell and move in one seamless transaction.

You Can Even Be a Cash Buyer

Make the best possible offer on your next home and then sell your current home at the right time and at the best price. If you’re buying in a hot market, we can even make your offer as good as cash with quick close.

Move On and Skip the Showings

You get to move into your new home while, we’ll handle, listing, and showing your old home while you enjoy your new one.

No Double Mortgages

We’ll make it easy to sell and move-on, Once you new home closes you move in and enjoy, knowing you only ever have one mortgage.

The First Step is a Breeze

We’ll ask you a few questions about your goals, so that we can send you a free home valuation, and a tailor-made plan to fit your needs.

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There’s No Comparison

Why choose between excellent service, a convenient sale, and the highest price for your home? Lufe gets you all three.

A Customer Story


Uday and Sonal moved onto their dream home made the winning offer without a home sale contingency

Our Vision


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